Monodeck and Econocheck products are traditional acoustic floor products for either primary or overlay sub-floors and are usually used in conversion applications where very little design advice is required. Their incorporation represents one of the simplest ways of improving both airborne and impact sound performance towards building regulation compliance.

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Monodeck & Econocheck Flexible Foams

Monodeck and the higher density Econocheck rebond technical foam, is a moulded polyurethane product made from pieces of shredded flexible polyurethane foam, bonded together with a binder. For decades its excellent resilience has made it suitable for applications including vibration sound dampening and flooring.

Bonded foam properties can vary over a wide range of selected base material, particle size, compression ratio, type and quantity of the binder to create the optimum dynamic stiffness for a specific application. As a consequence, rebond flexible foam such as used in the monodeck range has gained acceptance in traditional acoustic applications through out the construction industry.

  • Foam collection
  • Shredding
  • Coating with adhesive binder
  • Compression to desired density and shape
  • Activation of adhesive binder
  • Curing of adhesive binder
  • Converting to rebounded foam parts

Granulators and flock-mills are normally used to shred the foam into pieces approximately one centimetre in diameter. From a storage hopper, the small foam pieces are fed into a blend tank by means of an Archimedean screw. In the tank, the foam is sprayed/mixed with a polyurethane binder. Once coated with the binder, the foam is fed into a mould. In the batch process, a rectangular or cylindrical mould is used. A piston compresses the foam in the mould to the desired density. Steam is then introduced to activate and cure the binder. After curing, the mould is opened, the rebond removed from it and allowed to dry.

The quality of rebond depends on several factors

  • The types and grades of the foams used
  • The particle size and uniformity of the shredded foam pieces
  • The density required of the end product
  • The quality of the binder
  • The binder/ foam ratio
All Monodeck & Econocheck higher density foams are 100% reconstituted and are all manufactured in the UK. Vibration and sound deadening has within the recent years become more significant with demands on providing healthy environments both at work and at home becoming more acute. The mixed density and cell structure of the reconstituted foam provide excellent sound reduction characteristics whilst the increased density yields improve vibration isolation.

The Monodeck / Econocheck type rebond based system by Isomass Ltd has been a reliable performer for many years and the ever increasing pressure on the cost both in environmental and financial terms, the subject of recycling increases in importance to us all.

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